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Sometimes, people need blueprints to achieve their own success, just like a builder needs blueprints to build a house.  Whether you are building a house or building a first class business, you need to know what has worked before.  That is what our website, is all about.

Many people do not realize their dreams sometimes need to have specific directions, examples, guidelines and instructions from individuals who have already been there.  Entrepreneurial networking, mentoring and advice from self-made millionaires can sometimes be the key for those intent on becoming one.  Many millionaires who have "walked the walk" are sometimes gracious enough to teach and guide others toward their own journey to success and that can indeed be 
a God-send for those heading there.

No matter what industry you are in or want to be in, we attempt to deliver priceless information and idea's here at  Many featured entrepreneurs here have gone through the good times, as well as the tough times, and that is all part of the successful journey.  Now, it is your turn.  By learning what we have to offer here, you now have the opportunity to learn from your own successes and failures.  Now is your chance to learn from your own lessons you will learn along the way, and the mistakes you will make.  The experience you will have and the information you learn here will empower you with the specific knowledge that will grow your business, build your customer base and put lots of money in your pocket.  Follow and practice what you learn here, the blueprints and step-by-step instructions and you will succeed in your own business beyond your wildest dreams! is a one-of-a-kind website with step-by-step business "blueprints" and resources from individuals who have achieved entrepreneurial success and reached MILLIONAIRE status.

We Thank You for stopping by and we hope you Learn & Earn from the information we offer here on your journey to Millionaire success! Save us as one of your favorites and come back often.  
Hope to see you again!
By Lelia Raynal  

Everyone wants to be successful, but the term "business success" can mean different things to different people. Many of us equate success with money; others value the status it confers or the ability to persuade others. Fortunately, there are plenty of success strategies to go around. For most of us, a business exists first and foremost to generate money. Whatever your idea of success may be, if you're going to be successful, you must first learn the value of the millionaire mindset. The millionaire mindset is founded on clearly articulated goals coupled with an unstoppable drive to achieve these goals. People who aren't fully committed to what they're doing are likely to give up at the first sign of trouble. Yet in order to succeed in any business, it is crucial that you rise to meet each and every challenge that comes your way.

With success strategies in general, and business success strategies in particular, giving up is not an option. Sometimes it becomes necessary to jettison baggage and move on, but this should be a result of a clear-headed business decision, not the desire to quit due to frustration or lack of confidence. A millionaire mindset is a never-say-die orientation to life, both personally and professionally. Anyone with this mindset knows that business success strategies differ from person to person, but the foundation they rest upon is always the same. True success strategies are thorough and systematic. The people behind them are committed wholeheartedly to their businesses. Changes are made as needed to facilitate business growth.

Those who have the millionaire mindset are adept at tapping into the fortuitous opportunities that co-exist with challenges and setbacks. Indeed, the development of a millionaire mindset requires a person to view things differently. Try not to interpret life's uncertainties as insurmountable problems, or you won't be achieving business success anytime soon. Instead, challenges should be perceived as opportunities to grow into the very best that you're capable of being. Likewise, your business will blossom, attracting clients from all walks of life. Businesses that fail to adapt to the times will invariably fail to attract clients, and that's the worst recipe for business success.

But what exactly is a millionaire mindset anyway? How do you go about getting it? And why is it so important? The answer is that to be rich you need to think rich. Conversely, if you think about yourself as being poor, you will be. Simply stated, you are whoever you think you are. You can never exceed your self-expectations. So if you think of yourself as being wealthy and living in total abundance, you can achieve that. But if you think of yourself as being confined to a life of poverty or lack of abundance, that's what you will get.

Business success comes to anyone who really wants it. With the proper success strategies in place, literally anyone can be successful. The caveat is that they must allow themselves to succeed. All of the business success strategies in the world are useless to someone who doesn't believe they can be successful. And that is where the millionaire mindset comes in. If you believe that you are entitled to be rich, or even that you already are, success will find you. It's as easy as that.
By Zoe Routh  

Ask anyone, "do you want more money?" and the answer is usually "yes!" More money can mean many things: freedom, fun, adventure, escape from bills, no more worries, a brand new BMW. Whatever it is we want, money is often the means to get it.

Why is it we don't have everything we want? We are definitely smart enough - we have after all sent a man to the moon, should we not be able to make a few extra thousand dollars? We certainly work hard enough - statistics have Australians working 40-60 hours per week. Americans have barely two weeks annual leave per annum. There is no lack of work ethic here.

So what keeps us from achieving the wealth we truly desire?

Is it lack of knowledge? No - there are thousands of books and articles on how to build wealth and there are thousands who have done it before - it is achievable. The answers are out there, for anyone to access.

Is it lack of desire? Surely not since most people express a true craving for more cash and can see the real benefits of building wealth.

The distinction between those who make millions and those who do not is not about intelligence, drive, work ethic, knowledge, skill, opportunity, or even luck. The difference lies almost entirely with beliefs and attitude. These distinctions boil down to seven basic secrets of what I call the "Millionaire Mindset".

Secret #1: Beliefs about Money

Millionaires have specific beliefs about money and wealth. This is the most fundamental and most important aspect of becoming (and staying) a millionaire.
Millionaire beliefs include:

* I deserve to be rich.

* There is more than enough wealth to go around.

* When I grow rich, so do others.

* I grow rich by adding value to people's lives. I do this by providing services, knowledge, or products that enrich others.

* Creating wealth is enjoyable and fun.

* If I desire it, I can achieve it, attract it, possess it, enjoy it.

* I am the captain of my own ship.

* I am not alone - in building wealth, I have many partners who assist me in the design, implementation, and administration of my products and services. We all benefit from the growth of wealth.

* Nobody suffers as a result of me being rich.

* Wealth brings the opportunity to assist others.

* I am very grateful for everything I have in my life already.

* I am on this planet to enjoy my life.

* I am already wealthy beyond measure.

How many of those beliefs do you share with the millionaires? Chances are if you do not have all the wealth you desire it is because you may have some limiting beliefs about yourself and money.

We develop our money beliefs primarily from our family and from our early experiences with money. Do you remember your first conscious thought about money? Was it a positive one? Quite often our experiences with money are negative or unsupportive, associated with guilt, blame, fear, jealousy and all manner of low-level emotional states.

Culturally we are also bombarded with messages about money. Have you heard of these ones?

* Money does not grow on trees.

* Money is the root of all evil.

* It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to pass through the gates of heaven.

* The meek shall inherit the earth.

* There is virtue in poverty.

When you think about it, these maxims are not at all helpful if you want to grow wealth. If you subscribe to these beliefs, then your ambitions will be in constant conflict with your underlying notions about wealth. The result? A stalemate. No wealth can be grown in these conditions.

Secret #2: Reasons for Building Wealth - The Carrot and the Stick

Millionaires have very specific and very compelling reasons for WHY they build wealth. These reasons keep them focussed on their goals. These may include the desire to experience freedom of choice, provide a solid education to their children, assist their favourite charity, eliminate personal debt, ensure a secure future for themselves, or simply to have fun.

Regardless of the particulars of 'why' they want to build wealth, all the reasons fall in to two distinct categories. These are the 'Carrots' and the 'Sticks'. Both 'Carrots' and 'Sticks' are essential components of the Millionaire Mindset.

'Carrots' are the juicy incentive. Just like the horse that has the carrot suspended out in front of him to keep him trotting along, aiming for the yummy treat, millionaires also have 'carrots'. These might be a new Jaguar, a house on the beach, overseas travel, a fancy wardrobe, a solid education fund for their children, the ability to donate to their favourite charity, a sense of freedom, a sense of adventure, the freedom of choice. The reasons are both tangible and esoteric. Basically the most important thing is that the 'carrots' feel good.

'Sticks' are the painful reminder of what they don't want. My aunt who is now very wealthy says the primary reason she worked so hard for financial independence is that she never wanted to experience again the poverty of her childhood. It was such a painful experience that it served as a whip, a 'stick', to drive her wealth creation activities. Other wealth creation 'sticks' might be the pain of oppressive debt, fear of retirement without sufficient funds, the worry of wondering from where the next meal will come.

Anthony Robbins claims that people will do more to avoid pain than they will do gain pleasure. This is a key observation in the development of the Millionaire Mindset. In order to carry through plans for wealth creation, the millionaire on the make needs to have both 'carrots' and 'sticks'. The sticks keep the feet to the fire, keep the awareness of pain as a spur to keep trying, to keep working the plan. The 'carrots' however provide the inspiration, the joy, and the rewards. The wealth 'horse' moves a lot more effectively if it has both 'carrots' and 'sticks' encouraging it along.

One last word about 'sticks'. If you have too many of them, your life becomes filled with fear - fear of poverty, fear of debt, fear of an under-funded retirement. This is no way to lead a life, and certainly a very anxious way to approach developing wealth. Some 'sticks' are a good way to get started, and then focus more on your 'carrots'. Not only are these much more fun to think about, they will make the process of building wealth far more pleasant and enjoyable.

Secret #3: It's not about the money

Every wealthy person knows that creating a fortune is never about the money itself. It is however about what the money can do. Money allows the experiences that provide pleasure. Ultimately building wealth is about feeling good - nothing more, nothing less. Can you feel good without building wealth? Absolutely! This is why a wealthy person feels good, feels 'wealthy', regardless of the balance of their bank account. For the wealthy person, accumulation of wealth is a process that is as enjoyable as the results.

Wealthy people are not hung up on outcomes or on the balance sheet. Wealthy people focus on the process of adding value to their clients, to their colleagues, to their employees, to their field of work. They know that in adding value, the laws of reciprocity dictate that value comes back to them in the end. In this way they can feel good at any given time. Creating wealth is as much about service to others as it is about feeling good in their own life.

Secret #4: Awareness is a key skill of wealth creation

Those who create and attract wealth have a heightened sense of self. They are keenly aware of what might be stopping their personal growth including personal effectiveness, limiting beliefs, low-level emotional patterns, and lack of knowledge or skill. They take active steps to eliminate blocks to their success.

Those with a Millionaire Mindset are also keenly sensitive to their environment. They surround themselves with people who support and assist them with their goals. They hire coaches, select mentors, and pay for the best advisers they can afford. They avoid individuals who are negative, pessimistic, or caustic in any way. They design inspiring surroundings that remind them of their personal vision and reflect their individual values. Everything around them is a reflection of who they are at the core and resonates with their vision of themselves already in possession of the wealth they desire.

Secret #5: Focus reveals opportunities

Along with heightened awareness, focus on key priorities operates like a giant floodlight: opportunities are revealed by the powerful, focussed light. Without clear focus, these same opportunities may still exist, but because awareness is unfocussed, the individual may not necessarily notice them.

Secret #6: Repeat baby steps

Having focus and heightened awareness is not enough to become wealthy. Inspired and deliberate action is required to create results. Wealthy individuals take measured steps in creating their outcomes. They know that some action is better than none and that baby steps in the moment lead to significant results over time.

Secret #7: Connect to joy, in the moment

True wealth comes in the experience of joy, in the moment. This is in fact a choice brought on by awareness of our connection to the whole of mankind, the whole of the universe. When we feel integrated and a part of the great experience of life, we can relax and savour the experience of the moment, now. A great sense of peace thus allows the flow of joy, happiness, and ultimately wealth and prosperity.

So how do you actually create wealth?

This is the question people always ask first when they want to escape poverty and make more money. It should in fact be the last question to answer. You cannot attract wealth if you do not have the right beliefs, reasons, focus, awareness, and attitude. Any financial project will flounder without these elements in place first.

With that caveat out of the way, how do you build wealth?

The simple answer is that there are a multitude of methods and strategies. You can employ one or many. These include:

* A traditional business enterprise

* Investing in shares, managed funds, bonds, etc

* Property investment

* An online business.

What we know for sure that there are very few 'jobs' that pay an extraordinary salary that turns in to massive wealth. Business and investment is really the key to wealth that does not depend on you actually turning up to deliver a service.

How do you get started on the technical side of things of wealth building? 

First of all, pick the strategy that you will enjoy. If you are a technophobe, then maybe an on-line business is not for you. If you enjoy home making and decorating, maybe property investment is something for you to pursue. Whatever you choose, you have to enjoy it and make it fun!

There are plenty of good resources out there to teach you the nitty gritty of investing, business building etc. Don't feel you like you have to go it alone! Get advice, get help, get a coach, get a mentor. Educate yourself - read, read, read. Then take action - baby steps of course!

As a starting point, here are some great resources for you:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki

Cash Flow Quadrant - Robert Kiyosaki

The E Myth Revisited - Michael Gerber

You Were Born Rich - Bob Proctor

The One Minute Millionaire - Mark Victor Hansen

Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

There are plenty of more books, links, and articles on my website to help lead you in the right direction.

Now go forth and prosper!

I wish you a life of love, laughter, joy, health, and prosperity.

Best wishes

Copyright 2006 Zoë Herbert Routh, Inner Compass

Cancer survivor Zoe Routh is the Head Coach at Inner Compass, a personal development organisation that helps busy professionals work less and achieve more. Inner Compass offers practical strategies and solutions to improve personal effectiveness and live an inspired life.
Zoe has worked with groups and individuals since 1987. She has worked as a trainer, coach and facilitator in helping people achieve their personal best.

Inner Compass offers articles, resources, and coaching programs to help busy professionals radically improve their personal effectiveness to live an inspired life.
5 Top Strategies of Successful Entrepreneurs
By Kim Reddington 

I just spent three days at a magnificent seminar. There were many speakers at this conference, all of whom make at least a million dollars. Most of them were multi-millionaires, including Mark Victor Hansen, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Mark Joyner, and Andrew Lock.

After listening to all the speakers I realized that even though each one of them had their own ideas, strategies and tactics on how to market, and they each had their own unique niche, I noticed that there was a pattern among them all.

Regardless of the type of niche or style of marketing that these millionaires work with, there were five main strategies that stood out to me as being common to all of them: 

Their idea, product or service is something that people want. These millionaires all mentioned that what you sell needs to be something that people are already buying. It needs to be something that people are looking for and searching for. The more people that are searching and buying that product or service, the more market you have. They all mentioned that your percentage of sales will increase if you are trying to sell something similar, yet unique, to what people are already buying. 

Whether your business is online or offline, you need traffic, either website traffic and/or store traffic. People need to know about you. They need to feel comfortable with either you or your store and your quality of work. Traffic is the number one element that you need to concentrate on and is where most people tend to fail. Once you are getting traffic, compile a list of potential customers. Get their name and email (if you will communicate via email) or full name and physical address (if you will communicate via snail mail). 

You must provide regular communication with your database of potential customers. Communication can come from newsletters, ezines, blogs, or print newsletters. You must consistently remind them of who you are. In the times that we are in right now, it is essential that you show them your personality. Why should they buy from you? What makes you special? Customers need to get to know and trust you and your business before they buy. 

Learn about the effective use of One-Time-Offers and upsells. Every millionaire who spoke at this conference utilizes these selling strategies. They have tested their effectiveness and know that their sales double and sometimes triple when implementing these techniques. 

Focus on the marketing strategies that work best for you and for your niche. Test various strategies and find the ones that are working for your business and that you are comfortable with. Apply these strategies on a consistent basis to see long-term results. 

Each of these five strategies should benefit you regardless of your type of business and whether your business is online or offline. Implement and perfect each strategy for a successful business.

(c) Copyright - Kimberly Reddington. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Kimberly Reddington, Moms in Business Thoughtleader for, teaches moms how to turn their skills and talents into a successful home-based service business and to find a balance between their business and their family. Discover Kim's popular special report by visiting

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Millionaires Strategies 
7 Steps to Financial Abundance

So you know that those who succeeded in their lives and making lots of money have different mindset from the rest of the people out there?

 Don't be surprised if I tell you that everyone can be a millionaire if you know exactly how to do it. Sounds great? Now, I'm going to reveal to you the 7 steps to financial abundance that you should follow and adopt to be financially free.

1st step: Have the right 'Belief' and 'Habits'
Millionaires often have positive mentality and resourceful habits in whatever things they do. To them, everything is possible and they would do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

2nd step: Setting Goals
Knowing your goals are important if you really want to succeed. Clear goals enable you to have a direction to work towards it.

3rd step: Master Plan
After setting your goals, you should have a master plan that shows detailed step towards making the first million. Your master plan should be precise, consistent, measurable and reviewed periodically to ensure you're always in the right path.

4th step: High Income
Next, you should be thinking on ways to increase either your direct/passive incomes. Remember, millionaires always get their money re-invested to their positive cash flow assets.

5th step: Reduce/Control Expenses
Millionaires are generally very cautious on their expenses and adopt delay gratification.

6th step: Invest
Whatever surplus (income-expenses) that you have should be re-invested to your positive cash flow assets for your money to work for you even harder and achieving compounded profits over time.

7th step: Protect
Last but not least, always know how to protect your wealth. This is the most important step among all as knowing exactly how to protect your wealth not only can make you even more richer, but also ensuring you're always in the millionaires list!

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